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Funding the Future 
Simple. Innovative. Smart.

Lights-There Capital’s mission is to change the world with the most innovative and superior energy efficient solutions to the market.  We operate openly and honestly in every interaction with our customers. We believe open and clear communication is a key foundation for any business relationship.  We pride ourselves in our ability to innovate and reliably deliver creative solutions to our clients.

We Assist

We handle everything — from design & installation to ongoing maintenance.

We Upgrade

We provide a complete lighting upgrade with zero upfront costs.

You Save

You’re guaranteed savings the moment you turn on your lights. We only get paid when you save.

Our customers save time, money & shrink their carbon footprint.






Complete Lighting Upgrades for your business.
  • Zero Upfront Costs

  • Guaranteed Savings

  • Ongoing Maintenance


Learn more about how LTC could help your business save money and improve your lighting. Contact us for a free lighting audit.

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